Network News, Partnership has its Perks

Whether it be breaking NEWS or simply information we feel you’ll want, this is where you’ll find it!

Network News will feature the links, the stories and the updates from our Network Partners such as Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia, Taste of Nova Scotia, Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia to name a few.

You will also find current information on our Facebook Group South Shore Tourism Cooperative Information

December 4th, 2019, Lobster Crawl included in CBC Life, Winter Festival Article

CBC Life Winter Festivals

October 10, 2019 Deadline to Register for TIANS workshop is October 18th.

Free Content Marketing Workshop

Sept 25, 2019

inTouch Newsletter TIANS

Sept 18, 2019

Doers and Dreamers Update Deadline Sept 27

Sept 11, 2019

Restaurant Canada’s Raise the Bar Report Card

Tourism Nova Scotia Workshop in Bridgewater Building Your Business with Travel Trade

Tourism Nova Scotia Newsletter

Nominations open until Friday September 13 RANS Restaurant Awards Nominations